〜Diamonds cherished with the energy from the earth〜
After the earth is intelligent and wears noble beauty, and is established.
The diamond which is the ancient mineral nature created up.
To put the blaze which is a gift of the energy to see?
It’s filled in power of the fascination difficult to change to everything.

Even though it’s a diamond, it’s excited and isn’t put existence.
It’s same anytime in polite daily living.
To be able to be the charm jewelry which is also rescued from an unexpected trouble, wish”carat a” makes only the natural diamond important….

〜Craftsmanship to accomplish the impossible〜

Need is indispensable for the severe taste about the quality of each.
“carat a” then, without damaging beauty of the natural diamond and brightness, I produce the person who puts on nicely, believe that it’s loved and set the style free, and 18K yellow gold with calmness and gentleness and arrangement of platinum are being given to a diamond.
It has been completed only by handwork by the Japanese craftsman of the technician who gets a large number of client’s trust in high technology and delicate workmanship processing of Japanese arts and crafts even to make them show a minute blaze to the full.

For example.
The fixation way to apply originality is delicate and is way by which a blaze of a natural diamond is cheered does the accent accurate in extra fine gold wire, and becomes characteristic.

The design of “carat a” wears a breath by fusion with this craftsman technology.
If you’d love the “charm jewelry” you can enjoy daily, it’s lucky.