「carat a」 by carat 18とは



ダイヤモンドだからといって、気負って付ける存在ではなく、 24時間、いつでも一緒に。


「carat a」ではダイヤモンドの美しさと輝きを損なわずに 身につけていただくすべての方を素敵に演出し、
愛されることを信じて 品格を放ち、冷静さと優しさのある18Kイエローゴールドとプラチナのみの セッティングを
ダイヤモンドにほどこしています。 また、微小な輝きさえも最大限に発揮させるべく 日本工芸の高い技術と繊細な
細工加工において、数多くのクライアントの信頼を得ている 技巧派の日本人職人による手作業のみで仕上げています。

例えば、極細の金線に緻密で細かい繊細なアクセントを付けたり、 ダイヤモンドがより美しく浮き立つような繊細な

この職人技術との融合により「carat a」のデザインは息吹をまとい、
made in japanによる、希少なジュエリーが誕生します。
そんな、お守り感覚で楽しんでいただける ミサンガジュエリーを、

~Diamonds cherished with the energy from the earth~

Not just when you are being active,
but also when you relax taking a bath or going to bed…
this jewellery is meant to be your second skin.
You do not have to be eager to wear jewellery with diamonds, rather let it be part of you 24-7
with the hope that it will become something like the good luck charm that keeps you
away from unforeseen misfortunes

~Craftsmanship to accomplish the impossible~

It is essential to have a severe sense of aesthetic for every detail.
‘carat a’enhances the beauty and brilliance of diamonds, and sets a lovely stage for its wearer.
It also gives out dignity with a belief to be loved, and uses only 18k yellow gold and
platinum for the setting for diamonds with their calm and gentle expressions.
Moreover, in order to amplify any small glitters on the jewels, the Japanese artisans,
with a technique that so many clients express their trust for in their skilled works of Japan art crafts,
manually finish the jewellery.
Some of their works includes fine, golden thread accentuated with subtle ornaments,
and the delicate mounting of diamonds to stand out gracefully.

This integration with craftsmanship injects new life into the design of’carat a’ and gives birth to the rare,
made-in-Japan, jewellery.
These Micanga jewellery can be casually worn as good luck charms and I hope people will love them.